What is Ginjo7?

Ginjo 7 is Nova Brewing Co.’s original brand of hybrid rice lager beer. It is produced in collaboration with the sake brewer and the beer brewer by using traditional sake brewing techniques to wash and steam the calrose rice while it is also boiled and fermented like a lager using sake yeast Kyokai #701.

Project Story

Nova’s main goal is to introduce the world of sake to the local community by becoming one of the only microbreweries in LA county to produce sake. James Jin, our sake brewer who went to Japan for a couple months to intern at a sake brewery and a beer brewery to learn the techniques went through extensive training and research, came back and collaborated with our beer brewer Patrick Bustos to produce Ginjo 7. We imported Kyokai #701 from Japan to create a clean malty craft lager that allows the sake characteristics to shine, and fermenting with the sake yeast under cold temperatures brought out the fruity esters that sake is known for with a clean sake finish known as “kire.”

Sake Yeast #701

What is sake yeast Kyokai #701?

Sake yeast Kyokai #701 (saccharomyces cerevisiae) is one of the most well-popular yeast strains used for sake brewing in Japan produced by the brewing society of Japan. It was isolated by a sake brewery in Nagano, Japan and started distributing in 1946. It’s particularly used for more earthier styles of sake called Junmai. The “01” indicates that it is a non-foaming version of the #7 strain. Kyokai #701 has good growth in cold temperatures which allows us to produce a lager when used in beer, while producing aromas that common lager yeast strains cannot produce.

How does it differ from beer yeast?

Beer yeasts usually require fermentation temperatures between 50°F – 85°F depending on the style but sake yeasts are commonly fermented between 41°F – 55°F.

Sake yeast #701 in Ginjo 7

In order give the sake yeast a familiar environment, we mashed with steamed calrose rice to give the wort nutrients and proteins from the rice. Due to Ginjo 7 goes through a slow cold fermentation like sake, fermentation time is longer like lagers but produces ale-like fruity esters from the sake yeast resulting in a hybrid product unlike any lagers or ales.


Ginjo7 is coming soon!

We are finally at the last stage of production. We apologize to those who has been waiting for it, but as we paiid special attention and gave it time, it turned out 10x better than the test batch. We can’t wait for you all to try it!