Ginjo 7 (White Label)

Style: Blonde Ale
Color: 3.0 SRM (Straw Yellow)
Bitterness: 19 IBU
Alcohol: 6.2% abv

Taste: sake yeast gives this light beer high amount of fruity esters which resembles Belgian blond ales but with a little sake ginjo aroma.

Steamed Rice is steamed just the way we would when we brew sake and is mashed together with the pilsner malts to allow some of the nutrient that sake yeast would be more familiar with to be present in the wort. We do not use flaked rice which is often used in rice lager beers to make the beer lighter and cheaper. Therefore, this is not to be mistaken to be a light American lager, but an ale that showcases what aroma and flavor the sake yeast and steamed rice can bring to beer.