Ginjo7 is officially released!

We are excited to announce the official launch of Ginjo 7 Lager, craft hybrid beer made from a popular sake yeast strain called Kyokai #701. From the collaboration of beer brewer Patrick Bustos and sake brewer James Jin at Nova Brewing Co., the Ginjo 7 concept was built to offer beer lovers a hybrid lager beer that was brewed with local Calrose rice steamed using techniques from sake production instead of flaked rice traditionally used in commercial lagers. The word “ginjo” is used in the sake industry to indicate a sake style of aromatic nature while the “7” comes from the #701 sake yeast strain.

Our mission is to spread the flavor of sake to the local communities in L.A. county. As our first project, we used imported sake yeast #701 from the brewing society of Japan to ferment. Sake yeast thrives well in a cold environment and, therefore, allows Ginjo 7 to go through a slow and cold fermentation like lager but produces fruity aromatics like sake.

Due to the sake-like “ginjo” aromatics and the clean finish called “kire” it offers, Ginjo 7 pairs well with foods that pair well with sake such as sushi, seafood, cheese and lightly seasoned dishes.

Ginjo7 is coming soon!

We are finally at the last stage of production. We apologize to those who has been waiting for it, but as we paiid special attention and gave it time, it turned out 10x better than the test batch. We can’t wait for you all to try it!